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Title 25
All photos within this site are copyrighted.
Anyone caught using these photos for any purpose, without prior permission, will be prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I want to point out that my goal is not to stop importation. My only goal is to educate the public about the cruelness in many importers practices.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to view this site. This site is something I am doing in my spare time. I am trying to make the information on mortality rates, disease's, and the behind the scenes truth about the cruelness of shipping accessible to the general public. I have spent several months on the phone with different organizations trying to round up this info. This information that you are about to see on these following pages is the truth that the importers, dealers and wholesalers do not want you to see. I am slowly getting the information and pictures for this site so please check back and soon and I will have more.

Also I am by no means saying all importers ship like this but from talking to many Fish and Wildlife officers, many breeders who have dealt with importers, and people who have worked for importers it would sadly appear that most do ship like what you will see here. What it always comes down to is money, they can spend less to have animals stuff in fewer crates then have them shipped properly.

There has been a lot of confusion about this site, as I said above I am by no means saying these are the practices of all importers. If there is any importers who would like be an example as to how importation should be done by all means contact me. If you can provide excellent references from F@W and send me some photos of shipments being opened for the first time and I can verify your references with F@W, I will be more then happy to commend your efforts and use you as an example to how importation should be done.

Also one point I would like to make I am not working to stop importation, as I have said before I would not complain if it happened but that's not my goal. I simply am trying to educate people about this, in hopes that after seeing this kind of stuff they will not buy from an importer or if they are gonna buy from one check them out. Because with out going to the airport with an importer to see their crates opened for the first time how do you know if you buy from one that your money isn't supporting this kind of behavior.

Please keep one thing in mind every time someone buys an imported animal they may be supporting this torture. First when someone purchases an imported animal they make room in the importers and dealers faculties to have more shipped in. Second the mark up on imported animals can be  50-300%. So every time someone buys one imported animal they have just given the importer enough money to buy 1-5 more. Some one may see an imported animal in bad shape and want to save it but in essence they just caused the downfall of several more, because the dealer or importer is gonna turn around with that money and order more.

My reasoning in doing this is simple my love for the animals and I think it is the right thing to do. I have breed reptiles for eleven years now as a hobby, and never seen anything as cruel or inhumane as the conditions reptiles are shipped in. I am not asking for money from anyone,  the only way I am asking for your support is don't buy imported animals. I have no affiliations with anyone, I am simply doing this on my own. The only affiliations I have are the people you see the photos credited too for the purpose of obtaining these photos and info.  If you have extra money you want to donate somewhere please look up your local department of  Fish and Wildlife. These are the underpaid and understaffed people out there everyday trying to curve these problems.

If you would like me to add you to my list please E-mail me and as soon as I have anything new I will let you know. If you would like to post a link to this site, please E-mail me the URL to the site you would like to link it too first. I am trying to avoid groups such as PETA I have no affiliations with them nor do I want to. I am only one person that has done all this on my own and do not want to be associated with animal rights groups. I do not mean to offend anyone, some of these groups are doing great things but others get out of hand and I don't have the time to read up on who's doing what.