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Turtles page three
Photos Courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife.

This is a crate of Russian Tortoises.

After they opened the crate, they pulled some turtles
out to show what they had been laying in.

The white stuff in the upper right corner of the crate is maggots.
This is what the turtles had been laying in.

This is an overloaded crate with several dead and
several different species. You can see blood in the
floor of the crate, in the bottom right corner.

Malaysian Black Mud Turtle(Siebenrockiella crassicollis)

Several different species being shipped in Styrofoam
crates, pilled on top of one and other.      
Keeled Box Turtle(Pyxidea mouhotii)
Chinese three-striped box turtle(Cuora trifasciata)