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Turtles page two
Photos Courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife.

All turtles in the below two photos are dead.
Flowerback box turtles

These are bags packed full of turtles.

In this photo you can see how deep the layering is of turtles
and also see blood on the ruler and in the bag below the ruler.
Many of the Turtles in this crate had broken toes and feet.

These animals were killed during shipment and started
to decompose. The shell of the one in the upper right
corner was crushed.
African Hingeback Tortoise(kinixys belliana)

This is another crate full of turtles.

One of the bags opened.

This is another opened bag.

and another full crate of turtles in bags.

One of the bags from this crate opened. Could you
imagine being packed in bags like this?